Dear Fellow Photo Enthusiast,

If you are anything like me, you may spend hours in Photoshop or some other photo effects software, editing and airbrushing your pictures, playing with the color and adjustments until they come out just right. But that takes a lot of time, and starts to take away from what you really enjoy most, which is taking pictures!

You may also have a hard time making your photos really stand out from the rest. Sure, many people can take nice pictures, and with high quality cameras and the growing popularity of photography as a hobby, the competition between Amateur and Professional photographers is high.

Do you wish there was an easier way to bring out the full potential of your photographs? Instead of having ordinary photos, you want to be able to make them come alive with dimension and vibrancy, without having to spend hours editing them, with hit-or-miss results.


The true magic of Imagic is it's ability to add lighting effects to your photos. While other photo effects software can leave your images looking 'flat', Imagic Photo revives depth and contour of the subject you are photographing!



"Your product is fast proving to be a boon to our image production. It has subtlety in its processes that give a finer edge to the photo image, adding luster and clarity to the finished result. What pleases us most is the simplicity and speed it gives to the user, saving a lot of setup and production time. We find the more we use Imagic Photo, the variation and control we have at our fingertips really is a great asset to us. Thank you for a very useful and cost-saving product."

Roger Jeakings

"Very much impressed with your software and decided to buy it immediately. I do take alot of pictures with my E300 and E330 Olympus cameras for my work, and my clients are impressed with the quality prints. I always make it a point to use Imagic Photo for each and every photograph prior to printing, as the end results and colour stands out in every print. Thank you once again for your wonderful software, Imagic Photo, which you have given to photographers the world over."

Ian Carnegie

"Imagic Photo is the best specialized image editor that I used. It is powerful software that allow you to enhance your photos with a few clicks, and you can use it at 100% since the first time you use it."

Jordi González Boada

"I am a photographer and painter enthusiast and Imagic Photo saves me a lot of time and puts the 'pop' in my photos and illustrations. I like the improvements to the interface, and feature improvements, such as optimizing the lighting and tonal colors. Nothing else like it!"

Dave Hamilton

"Imagic Photo is a great program, it takes an ordinary picture and turns it into a beautiful, unique photo! I use it for children and senior photos, my customers love the look. I don't tell them how easy it is! I use several photo editing softwares and Imagic is definitely one of my favorites, I love the final gorgeous enhancements it gives my photos. I would recommend Imagic to anyone that wants an inexpensive, fun and easy way to enhance their photos. Thanks for a fantastic photo editing product!"

Kristi Pansch

"As an amateur photographer who sells his work, my photographs have to be better than everyone elses. At the click of a button, Imagic Photo turns each and every one of my photographs into a work of art. My clients absolutely love the results, and for me, that means more sells. The best part is that I didn't have to re-mortgage my home to afford a tool that I can use right out of the box. I knew I had an 'eye' for taking good shots, but Imagic Photo just helped me rise to another level. Thanks for creating such a great product."

Robin A. Roberts

"In just a few seconds, Imagic can convert my images quickly and easily into something that could otherwise take hours for me to complete in other photo processing programs. It works with amazing speed! Dramatic or subtle, it’s my choice. Being able to ‘tweak’ my images creatively to the levels I prefer make my images unique. Ease of use is an understatement, as it’s simple format allows even the novice user to make their images stand out. Pro results from this outstanding program, and customer service goes above and beyond!"

Terri Carter


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Got a laptop or 2nd computer? You may also install Imagic Photo on your laptop or other computers you have in your home or office at no additional charge. If in the future you get another computer, or you should happen to lose your copy, you may contact me at any time, and I will replace your software for free!

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